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Pro-black. Writer. Comedy-nerd. Ecolitarian, Audiophile, Anti-Racism/Sexism/Classism. Wanna-be Cinephile.Internet addict. Hip-hop Lover. Closet pop Culture Connoisseur. I'm generally all about breaking the white-Supremacist-Capitalist-Imperialist-Heteronormative-Patriarchy. If you're easily offended/dislike talk of race, sex, gender, privilege, politics, sociology, class, religion, etc....then get to steppin'. I REFUSE to censor my voice for the convenience of others. I speak up because it hurts me not to. You don't have to like what I say, but you WILL respect. This year I'm breaking free. Things may get messy. I think in word I speak in rhyme!

"We are the sun and moon, dear friend; we are sea and land. It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognise each other, to learn to see the other and honour him for what he is; each the other’s opposite and compliment."

Hermann Hesse 

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"I think perfection is ugly."

Yohji Yamamoto 

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Ma’at, the Winged Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony. 
19th Dynasty. 
Tomb of pharaoh Siptah (reign as a child 1197 – 1191 BC). 
Valley of the Kings. Western Thebes. Egypt